1) I have one pc, how many tests will that be?

4. Under AS/NZS3760:2010 section 2, it states “for equipment that is supplied by cord set (power cord) both cord set and equipment need to be tested and tagged separately .

2) Why do I need to test and tag?

Worksafe Victoria recognises that testing and tagging is a requirement of your workplace OH&S (section 21)

3) What if my equipment fails a test?

If the item requires a new plug, or repair to a damaged item we will quote you before carrying out the repair.

4) How long until I have to retest my equipment?

It depends on your environment, generally construction in 3 months, Industrial areas in 6 months, offices/shops in 12 months

5) If I have new equipment does that need to be tested and tagged?

If your new equipment is in use in your building when your routine testing and tagging is being carried out, you should bring it in line with your testing schedule. New equipment brought into service outside of these times MUST be visually inspected by a competent person and tagged with an introduction to service tag. JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS NEW, IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS SAFE

6) What needs to be tested and tagged?

Anything that plugs into a power socket and anything fixed on a wall below 2.5m

7) Do we lose all our power when testing and tagging is carried out?

No, we test each item separately. Each item takes around 2-3 minutes. Each workstation would typically take 10 minutes. OUT OF HOURS TESTING CAN BE ARRANGED AT NO EXTRA COST

8) Will I have to turn off my server and communication equipment during work hours?

No not necessarily , but you need to fully test your server equipment every 5 years which we can arrange out of hours at no extra cost if required, and is advisable to do visual checks in line with your testing schedule

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