Exit & Emergency Lighting

If your business happens to lose lighting or has a fire, how do your staff and customers know how to get out safely, if you’re Exit and Emergency lighting is not working as designed? Exit and Emergency lighting is designed to be run on batteries once you lose 230V power, you will not know if these work until it is too late or you perform a discharge test every 6 months as per AS/NZS 2293.2:1995


  • We only charge for the number of fittings we test.
  • Highly experienced and trained uniformed technicians carry out exit and emergency testing and repairs
  • No extra charge for out of hours testing, if required
  • Free Paper logbook, if required
  • If repairs are required, a quote will be given on site for us make you fully compliant
  • We can provide lamp replacement schedules for your exit and emergency lighting


  • Make sure there have been no power interruptions for 16hrs prior to testing
  • Inspection of fluorescent lights, replace tube if required
  • Perform a Test for no less than 90mins to ensure all lighting is working
  • Return light to normal operating condition and check operation indicator functions correctly
  • Failed lights shall need replacement or repair
  • Record Results in a log book
  • Clean all light emitting and reflecting surfaces (every 12 months only)