RCD Safety Switch Testing

AS/NZ3760 requires your RCD safety switches to be tested every 6 months to ensure the RCD safety switch is in full working order, so it will perform its intended task, in the unfortunate case of a fault to an attached item.

A push button test is required every 6 months, and a trip time test is required every 12 months or 2 years dependant on your environment.

Our procedure

  • Locate switchboard areas and identify circuits protected by RCD’s
  • Check switchboard condition, door hinge, locking mechanism and any seals and notify client of any areas for concern
  • Clean outside of switchboard
  • Barcode RCD Circuits for tracking on our testing log
  • Push button test to ensure RCD is operational (every 6 months)
  • Open switchboard and perform a trip time test on speciality testers (12 month/2 year cycle only)
  • Record all test results and outcome of test

Call us to discuss your requirements, and the best options for your type of business.