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365 Test and Tag engineers come to you, on time, fully uniformed, and equipped to service your site. We conduct all necessary tests and inspections to comply with AS/NZ3760:2010, on top of the range Seaward PT300. These testers are imported from the UK, and are named the fastest and smallest testers in the world. They are also Bluetooth and fully battery operated. This enables us to minimize disruption to your workplace.


Visual inspection (for all items)
We visually inspect cords and equipment for damage, defects, or modification. We ensure cables have no exposed primary insulation or conductors, also that the equipment and its accessories have no damage to the outer casing, that it is in good working order, and that it has all its safety features attached and in use

Earth Continuity (for class 1 items such as PC’s, Fridges, etc.)
We check for Earth Continuity, which is to confirm that the resistance is low enough, so that the protective device (i.e. Circuit breaker) shall trip in sufficient time, before you get a shock in the event of a fault

Earth Leakage current test (for class 1 items such as fridges, Sensitive Equipment, etc)
This is the preferred method for testing tools and 230v motors, and sensitive items such as LED displays, PC’S.

Polarity (for Power Boards, Power Cords, etc)
We check for Polarity, which is checking the active and neutral (brown and blue wire) are wired the correct way round. This is unfortunately surprisingly common, through untrained people wiring plugs.

Leakage Current Test/Insulation Resistance (for class 2 items such as Phone Chargers, Tools, etc)
We conduct an Insulation resistance test unless it is sensitive equipment. The test is to measure the resistance between the live supply conductors connected together electrically and accessible metal parts.

RCD Test (Safety Switch’s)
We ensure that the tripping time is sufficient, so that in the event of a fault, the safety switch will trip before the user gets an electric shock

On satisfactory Completion
On satisfactory completion of a test we assign a unique barcode and a highly durable date tag to the item. We provide you with a full break down of test results and a test certificate.All our results are e-mailed in PDF format, or can alternatively be sent out in post if you wish. These results are kept by us on archive for 7 years, as required by AS/NZ3760

Unsafe equipment:
We always ensure you have the least disruption possible to your working day, in the unfortunate event you have an item that does not pass a test, we will do everything possible to make sure you have the least amount of downtime to your business, and get the item back in service.

If the item tested has failed a visual test, 90% of items can be fixed by refitting plugs, which can be done on the day of testing. If the item cannot be repaired on site, we will advise you on the best course of action, by either us taking away for repair, or who best to call to repair it.

In the event the item is found non-compliant, and we do not repair the item, we will tag it out of service and enter it onto a failed items register as per AS/NZ3760.

Examples of Faulty items we have found while testing

Test and TagTest and Tag MelbourneTest and Tag Service


Highly Durable Laser Printed Tags

Test and TagTest and Tag MelbourneTest and Tag MelbourneTest and Tag

Failed Label For Un-repairable Items Barcoded Asset Label Attached to All Equipment

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